CG 210

CG 210





The partial or complete absence of hair (hair Loss) from areas of the body where it normally grows.1

Excessive hair loss of hair from your scalp is typically referred to as baldness.1

Can be temporary or permanent depending on the underlying cause. 1

ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA is the most common cause of Alopecia, which effects men and women. 2

CG210® is a safe and clinically tested evidence-based solution for alopecia management. It contains Cellium patented combination of botanical essence extracted from four plants (Allium cepa, Citrus medica limonum, Paullinia cupana and Theobroma cacao).3

Cellium ®, a Botanical Entity (registered as a herbal medicine in EMA), stands on a novel, patented, 3-level mechanism of action.

1. Reduced scalp inflammation4
2. Inhibition of premature apoptosis of hair follicle cells5-6
3. Increases scalp collagen and restores healthy scalp3

Key clinical benefits

· Hair shedding back to normal level in as early as 44 days4-5
· Improves hair thickness & scalp coverage7-8
· Improves healthy hair9
· Promotes healthy hair6

CG210 can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with existing pharmacotherapies 10-11

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