Ceradan’s novel, patented technology

Zinc Lactobionate Buffer
Our novel patented technology uses zinc lactobionate with an enhanced delivery system to not only maintain the low pH of the formulation but also impart a sustained reduction in skin pH. Data on file.
Skin pH in atopic dermatitis patients is very often elevated compared to healthy individuals. Increased skin pH triggers a cascade of pathological changes. Despite this known fact, there is no intervention today that can lower the skin pH effectively.

Our novel, patented technology platform is a unique buffering system that is able to lower the skin pH to 4-6, sustainably for up to 12 hours. (Reference: Hyphens Data on File)

The formulation contains zinc lactobionate buffering system, that is low in pH, to encourage acidification of the skin. It has also been developed to:
In eczema-prone skin, lowering skin pH has many benefits including inducing skin lipid production, suppressing skin barrier breakdown, itch and inflammation. All these will accelerate optimal skin barrier repair and restoration.

Based on this technology, we have developed and commercialized the next generation emollient therapy (Link: Ceradan Advanced page) and are actively developing relevant products (Link: Pipeline page) to meet medical needs in the dermatology field.

The technology patent has been granted in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia; patent-pending in other countries.